znakpBrann Bakery has a long family tradition, which dates from year 1885. That year the bakery was founded by Todor Brankovic on the ground floor of the old family home. Started its work on the family farm, across the central bus station, the current 12th February Boulevard , where it is today central of Brann Bakery.
Architect of family business, Todor Branković is a great-grandfather of current owner Branko Brankovic, Branko Brankovic is Brann Bakery’s general manager and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region. He has received several awards, and one of them is “the businessman of the year”, assigned by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Niš and general professional association of entrepreneurs.
On the year 2000. the bakery modernize and expanding their production and sales capacity. Today is one of the most modern bakeries in the region with its 16 retail building and the tendency of further development, expansion of assortment and the opening of new retail facilities.
In our Bakery the traditional recipes of our products are transferred by generations with the constant expansion of assortment. In addition to the famous “Niski Burek”, pastry, cake, bread, pizza, sweet products, Brann Bakery also offers diet-functional products. This is a modern production, which is located between half-industrial and industrial production with high quality products that justify a recognizable brand market in southern Serbia.
With Persistent work, significant results achieved to increase yield in the retail, we have increased the warehouse space, restored vehicles, have a dedicated vehicle for frozen products and built a new space for the needs of production. In order to further increase the scope of business will continue with new investments and employment.
Bakery has organized production in the five entities: General and special types of bread and pastry, “burek” and pies, puff pastry, sweet products and our kitchen where we made sandwiches, custards and finish our products. Brann bakery employs 270 workers of various profiles in the manufacturing, retail, management, administration, transport and storage and maintenance.
The secret of success is in respect of tradition, good masters, raw materials quality and modern technology.
Brann Bakery with addition respect of customers who return time and time again, has won many awards: gold medal in the “International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad”, “Bakery Parliament in Pećinci, gold and silver casserole on “ Niskim Burekdžijadama” “…
On 2008. Long-standing tradition of work, bakery has crowned with the integrated quality system certificate ISO 9001: 2000.
and HACCP, (high standard of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) , which contributed to the bakery to be classified to the leading brands in the bread-making in Serbia.