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New bakery in 7. Juli street


We want our clients to be satisfied…


Pekara Branković has won GOLD medals…


Pekara Branković released new products


Brann Bakery has a long family tradition, which dates from year 1885. In addition to the famous “Niski Burek”, pastry, cake, bread, pizza, sweet products…



Today is one of the most modern bakeries in the region with its 16 retail building, three objects of franchising cooperation…



Bakery has organized production: General and special types of bread and pastry, “burek” and pies, puff pastry, sweet products, sandwiches, pizza…

Certificate of integrated quality system ISO 9001 : 2008

On 2008. Long-standing tradition of work, bakery has crowned with the integrated quality system certificate ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP, which contributed to the bakery to be classified to the leading brands in the bread-making in Serbia.

znakpBrann Bakery has a long family tradition, which dates from year 1885. That year the bakery was founded by Todor Brankovic on the ground floor of the old family home. Started its work on the family farm, across the central bus station, the current 12th February Boulevard , where it is today central of Brann Bakery.

znakpBakery has organized production in the five entities: General and special types of bread and pastry, “burek” and pies, puff pastry, sweet products and our kitchen where we made sandwiches, custards and finish our products. Brann bakery employs 125 workers of various profiles in the manufacturing, retail, management, administration, transport and storage and maintenance.

znakpBrann Bakery Ltd. exists on the market in Nis, and the wider region, and offers and sales all kinds of high quality and absolutely safe baker’s products, according to all requirements of customers, markets, standards and regulations, and with a high degree of efficiency, with the requirements of all standards of quality ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, OHSAS, creating additional value of the owners and society.

Pekara Branković – The quality and tradition of 130 years!

Brann Bakeries objectives are:

  • fulfillment of customer requirements;
  • good collaboration with suppliers;
  • continuously improve product quality;
  • payable business;
  • compliance with all applicable legal regulations and principles of good business practices;
  • to their way of work, technologies and other activities do not endanger the users of their products, and work environment;
  • respect individual values of employees, constantly investing in staff, creating a working atmosphere that ensures satisfaction and encourages all employees to constantly improve the quality of products.

“I want to commend all of your products, because they regularly buy and consume. My family and I are very satisfied, but when you buy almost every day” – Violeta
“I am absolutely delighted products Bakers Brankovic! Praise for new products that regularly buy” – MILADIN VASILJEVIĆ – ŽUTI
“Often I sit in Nis and regularly buy your products because they are really the best in town !!!” – SLAVICA

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